“ A promise to revive

the great sounds of jazz.”

Jazz Addicts is an association of earnest
jazz enthusiasts who bring international blue-ribbon jazz to the Indian stage.

“Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.”
                                                                        - Art Blakey

Through the ages, jazz music has been used to tell stories of experiences, its rich and splendorous tones painting a luscious picture in the mind’s eye, its rhythm coursing through your body as you’re forced to succumb to the beauty and depth of its beats. It is our endeavor to revive the romance with the cherished traditional rhythmic jazz music and bring it back to India.

In recent years, the sound of the foot stomping and swinging jazz – music which moves you to dance and snap your fingers, has been replaced by derivatives like fusion, world music and their offshoots. These are closer to the realm of rock and/or pop music and as a result, the classical jazz sounds that we so dearly love were a casualty.

The design of the festival is to feature only acoustic instruments, and weed out the use of electronic and automated sounds. We believe that the electronic sound in jazz has reduced the soul and plush character of jazz. We aim to revive the great sounds of jazz, which has made the genre one of the most exciting live art forms. Music from the likes of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn among others are brought to the Indian audience.




This year, a sextet featuring some of the biggest names, will thrill you with live performances from an array of prodigious tunes that will bring you to your feet in a groove of soulful bliss.

A virtuoso Jazz saxophonist and bandleader extraordinaire, his seamless tune progression will take you on a ride to eternity and beyond.

Igor Butman

A Grammy award-winning soulful jazz singer and songwriter with a voice that can touch your heart and whisk you away to the stars.

Fantine Pritoula

Jazz Pianist
A jazz pianist, arranger and producer, based in New York City. He has been described as a "shape-shifter", for his creativity across musical genres.

John di Martino

Jazz Trumpeter
is a jazz trumpeter, cornetist, and flugelhornist born in Rahway, New Jersey.

Warren Vaché

Jazz Pianist and Vocalist
has an outstanding musical ability: absolute pitch, musical memory, sense of rhythm.

Oleg Akkuratov

Jazz Drummer
is also a big fan of recording live music. He was running a project studio for years in Budapest.

Aron Nyiro

Jazz Drummer
Eduard Zizak has remained a member of both a quartet and big band led by Russia's premiere jazz musician, saxophonist and composer Igor Butman.

Eduard Zizak

Double Bass
As an educator Gianluca has been teaching bass guitar, double bass, music theory, songwriting, ensembles, and pedagogic subjects.

Gianluca Liberatore

Jazz Pianist
primarily a jazz pianist with a strong background in Western classical music.

Anurag Naidu

Jazz Guitarist
American Jazz Guitarist. He began playing at the age of four with a toy guitar his mother bought him. He was influenced by B.B. King and The Dixie Hummingbirds. He is mostly self-taught.

Russell Malone

Jazz Trombone
Is the only female Trombone player in Russia! An extremely gifted musician, a student of Russian Academy, winner of numerous Russian & International musical contests, arranger, composer, singer and soloist of Igor Butman Orchestra since 2009.

Alevtina Polyakova

Is known not only as a groundbreaking composer and arranger, but he's also a pianist and creator of the famous USSR Jazz band called "Allegro".

Nick Levinovsky

Bass Player
Gained a strong reputation in the Russian Jazz community as the most reliable and versatile acoustic bass player.

Vitaliy Solomonov

JUS’ JAZZ 2018

Radio Promo


This festival will be conducted in Mumbai and Bangalore on the following dates from 6.30 pm onwards.




  • Dutch Gypsy Jazz Night

    December 9th, 2018
    Royal Opera House, Bombay.


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